Which Austen Heroine Are You?


Well I cannot say as though I am surprised!

Which Austen Herione are you?  To find out take this quiz! And while you are at it check out the rest of the Emma Adaptations website. If you are at all interested in Regency period costuming then this site is a must. The costuming in each of the three Emma adaptations is addressed and discussed. Another site to get lost in on another rainy Sunday!

I alas am at work but I would love to be at home bundled under a nice quilt watching a nice Austen adaptation. Although the next thing on my list is an older Jane Eyre that I have not seen. It is the 1993 adaption. My all time favorite is A&E’s 1997 version with Ciaran Hinds and Samantha Morton. I also keep meaning to watch a film version of Wide Sargasso Sea. I have read it but never seen it on screen. But it is another I can keep on my list. What would I do after all if I ever ran out after all?


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  1. I loved this quiz…
    I’m learning how to have a blog.. yours is cool…
    I’m from Portugal
    feel free to see mine.

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