No Sense in Sense and Sensiblity

I must admit I am thoroughly ashamed at how long it has taken me to watch the last installment of Jane on Masterpiece Theatre. I have had the two episodes on on my DVR for a few weeks now and just last night decided it was time. This should tell you something since usually with anything Austen or Regency period related…I see it as soon as humanly possible. Needless to say this series of adaptations has left me discouraged in many ways.

I was very glad to see Eliza’s daughter and her baby take a more prominent role in the work but I was aghast at the opening “seduction scene”. Jane would have fainted from embarrassment. Why do we need to sex up Jane? From there I was very lukewarm about the actress playing Marianne. She did not portray the passion the character is known for. All she portrayed for me was an actor acting passionate. Not very convincing. I read somewhere in an article that she made sure that she did not see any other adapatations because she did not want to take things from others. Maybe she should have pulled out the 1995 Ang Lee film…..just a suggestion. And the final scene with Marianne and Colonel Brandon going into the house…him carrying her…cheesy.

However I did love Colonel Brandon. I thought he was wonderfully played. I loved Alan Rickman but you could feel the intesity of his longing for Marianne in this version as well with David Morrissey. He was probably my favorite part. Willoughby was no smoldering love God but merely looked like a cute younger brother. But by far my most critical disappointment was the lack of humor. Sense and Sensibility has such a wonderful wit with so many great humorous moments but you would bever know it from this adaptation.

So in all I would have to say it lacked spark…it lacked wit…it lacked Jane.



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