Don’t Bump the Glump!



They have reissued Don’t Bump the Glump by Shel Silverstein and I must say I love the format! It’s very neat and clean. The white background really let’s the art and poems speak. Originally published in 1964 (the same year as The Giving Tree) this was Silverstein’s first poetry collection and the only full colored illustrations he did for a work. Kids and adults will love the silly names of the fantastical creatures and their stories. A must read and now with a new copy out! My favorite poem and illustration is The Gursdee. So….

Don’t Bump the Glump! And beware the Gheli, Slithergadee and the Bibley not to mention the the terrible Feezus! All of these creatures live inside Shel Silverstein’s first poetry collection just waiting for you to take a peek. Filled with poems about fantastic creatures who do wonderful and sometimes scary things. This book is one you will not want to put down. Besides if you do you might find a Gursdee after you!



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