A Non-Fiction Winner

   I have to admit I am not really “into” non-fiction. Unless it’s something I am interested in or doing research on, it really takes a lot to get me reading a non-fiction title from cover to cover. Even children’s non-fiction can be hard for me to read every page of. So when I find one that I love…I get excited.  Albino Animals by Kelly Milner Halls is a book I got excited about. It’s not a new book but it was “new to me” when our library recieved a new copy. Not only is it intriguing but once you pick it up you can’t put it down. The pictures are amazing as is the subject matter. I learned things that I had never known…like how albino snakes can get burnt by the sun as can albino crocodiles. (This is of course a tricky problem since reptiles use the sun to regulate their body temperature. ) Lots of interesting facts and a great layout make this book a sure fire display book that will fly off your shelf. Kids and adults will find themselves reading and isn’t that the point of it all?

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One response to “A Non-Fiction Winner

  1. Hey, thanks for your kind words about ALBINO ANIMALS. It was such a joy to research and write — like a treasure hunt. So I’m delighted you enjoyed it. And you “get” why I wrote it. I wrote it for people who need a little extra zip to enjoy nonfiction. Anyway, you really made my day, so thanks!

    Best wishes,

    Kelly Milner Halls

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