Mr Rochester Returns

So last night I watched Elizabeth: The Golden Age and really enjoyed it! If it is a period piece most the time I will enjoy it but this one was breathtakingly shot. The film is just beautiful and wonderfully well acted. The soundtrack is also amazing and matches the tone of the work perfectly. Unfortunately after the first Elizabeth and now this one I am destined to see Cate Blanchett’s face whenever I am reading about Queen Elizabeth but that is probably much an improvement from the original I am sure. Actually there really is not much difference at all. But due to the hygene of that time I am sure you would smell a difference. But I am rambling…however I am extremely excited because my favorite historical biographer is currently writing a work on Elizabeth. Margaret George is working on one about her later in life which I cannot wait to read. George writes the most wonderful historical works that take you right to that place in time. If you have not read her, you must give her a try. My favorites have been her work on Cleopatra and Mary Queen of Scots.
But back to the movie what I am really excited about is the film I saw in the previews. I am way behind in upcoming movies and previews because I do not watch TV but I am really excited about Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. I can’t wait especially since my very favorite Mr. Rochester is involved in the film. You will remember Ciaran Hinds as Edward Rochester from the A & E version done in 1997. It is my favorite Jane Eyre and he is my favorite Rochester. He was also Captain Wentworth in 1995’s Persuasion and in addition he was also in The Mayor of Casterbridge. Can’t wait to see him in this new role. I get so excited when familiar faces from my favorites show up in new works. He actually tends to show up a lot. His career has been quite diverse and successful. So mark your calendars….Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day starts friday, March 7th


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2 responses to “Mr Rochester Returns

  1. That’s my favorite version of Jane Eyre, too! BTW – a children’s literature note: Ciaran Hinds voices one of the characters in the upcoming Tale of Despereaux movie, due in theaters in December.

  2. I love Ciaran too, although I think that in that Jane Eyre, the character Rochester was misled: not due to Ciaran’s mistake but the director’s, surely.
    Anyhow, he was gorgeous in the final scene and some other conversations.

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