Breaking Dawn

There was Twilight, then New Moon and then Eclipse and now….
Drum roll please…..the next title in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer will be called Breaking Dawn. No cool cover to view as of yet. The work will debut on August 2, 2008. And I know all you Bella and Edward fans just can’t wait! I am excited as well although I have to admit I think in this one she’s got to either go for becoming a vampire or give it up. Personally I think she needs to go for it who would not want to spend eternity with Edward! He is worth it! Can you tell I am on Team Edward? I mean Jacob is great and all but I already have a dog to cuddle with. You can choose your team and get decked out in gear with the site below.
If you need to get a quick fix before the new book and the movie check out the
Twilight Lexicon Blog and also their really cool bella-rrific merchandise. (Oh yes I did go there!). It’s been a long night! Also check out


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2 responses to “Breaking Dawn

  1. Taylor

    I love breaking dawn, all three books were just amazing and Im waiting not so patiently for the fourth book Breaking Dawn to come out. Also, later in the year she will be coming out with a book MIdnight Sun…the same exact story line as Twilight but in Edwards point of view. You can read the first chapter of it on her official website, under new projects. It was really cool to see what Edward was thinking the whole time. Also, if you like the Twilight series try The Vampire Diaries, there is two books. They are both really good, I read them both<3

  2. Books-A-Million

    Books-A-Million is hosting THE party of the Summer for all Twilight fans. Celebrate the midnight release of Breaking Dawn with Twilight trivia contests, costume contests, prizes, and much more! Party starts at 10pm on Friday, August 1st. Visit you local Books-A-Million to pre-purchase the book today and be the first in line to get Breaking Dawn at midnight, you won’t get it anywhere else faster!

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