What I am Into Right Now

I have been meaning to post for a few days now but somehow my mind seems to be…as Elaine on Seinfeld would say “not good”, you know which episode I am talking about but I am in no way referring to that situation as one I am in…. If that reference is too obscure just ignore me and if you know exactly what I am talking about…well never mind…another interesting fact…I am a Seinfeld re-run junkie which has caused my information level of that show to be somewhat encyclopedic and quite annoying to my fiance. So in easier terms…I am just blah. After having a migraine for two days and a spectacularly fun filled visit to Urgent Care what more can I really ask for? You know nothing makes a day bright like a trip to an Urgent Care when sunlight is painful and noise unbearable… Just you and your closest twenty strangers stuck in a room together…thanks again Debra…you are a true friend for that ride!

So now on to a not so intelligent minutiae of what I meant to write a really smart post on….

I read The White Darkness this weekend and really enjoyed it. I was a little late in getting to it but it was really good. I had been a little worried because when it was announced as the Printz winner half the YALSA discussion list was super happy and half not so much. It seemed people either loved it or hated it and I was unsure on which side I would fall. But I really liked it although I fully understand that it will not be every teen’s cup of tea but I think it is very original and has a story that you can’t put down. I also read Feathers and really enjoyed it as well. As you can tell I was finishing up a little award reading that was long overdue.

Here is my review for The White Darkness.


I also finished The Know-It-All by A.J Jacobs. I had read his The Year of Living Biblically as a ARC from ALA conference and really enjoyed it. I have had a lot of people tell me that they love him and I read a lot of criticism but I think he is hilarious. A quirky guy doing quirky things…what is not to love? For those of you who are not familiar with his work in The Know-It-All he read the entire Encyclopedia Brittanica and in The Year of Living Biblically he decided to live his life by the bible as literally as possible. Both books were hilarious and are very worth the read. I especially loved The Know-It-All because I am a fact junkie and he pulled out all the interestingly weird facts that I probably would have savored over myself. I also like the way he mixes his life in with his work and by the way his wife must be a saint for putting up with all this craziness ! So both two books I recommend for a laugh.

Let’s see well I think I am about done here…for a recap…White Darkness…great! A.J.Jacob…great to read when your brain is…you know…”not good”. Makes you laugh and not feel so silly about being slightly obsessive compulsive and quirky. Other than that I am off to enjoy a weekend of reading and relaxation if at all possible.


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