Looking for Alaska is Looking for Support


For those of you who have read Looking for Alaska by John Green, you know it is a great book! And a Printz Award winner at that! For those of you who have not read it, well you should and soon so you can sound off on this issue as well! You will find it very much worth your time. However a group of individuals in Depew near Buffalo, New York have decided they would like it kept out of the classroom. It has been suggested as a title for an eleventh grade english class and the parents of those students have signed releases for their children to read it. However some think they should keep it out of their hands despite the parents blessing and the fact that the work is a wonderful book for high school students. They claim it is “pornographic” and “disgusting” which I have to say is rather ridiculous. Besides the fact that the children in question have parents who have agreed to their studying the book in English class.

     To help out John Green is requesting those in support of the book send an email to sparksflyup@gmail.com. Just some support to show you care! This title is wondeful book for teens and older readers.  Here is a review of the title.

You can also visit John’s Blog for more information as well.


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