Enthusiasm Deserved Indeed

I have just finished reading Enthusiasm by Polly Shulman and I must say I thought it quite wonderful. I love young adult fiction and Jane Austen so for me it was a perfect fit! It came off not only well written and well plotted but as a wonderful book that any teen would enjoy whether or not they were familiar with or liked Jane Austen. Also if you do consider yourself a Janeite then you would also be pleased with the book’s treatment. I also really enjoyed the messages it sent about friendship. I could not put it down and Grandison Parr is quite the Mr. Darcy in training in my mind….I picture him as a young Colin Firth but you make of him what you will! Come to think of it a lot of guys look like Colin Firth in my mind…hmmmmmm? Well no matter give Enthusiasm a try!

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Filed under Jane Austen, Young Adult Books

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