Inheritance Cycle #3 revealed….

Book Three in the Christopher Paolini Inheritance Cycle will be…
(insert drumroll here)
If you read the other books you will remember that Brisingr is the first ancient word that Eragon learns. It is the word for fire. I know I am excited to have a date and title to hold me over till September 20th although I fear I will need to do some re-reading, it has been so long since I read Eragon and Eldest. But it was an exciting tidbit to open in my morning e-mail! The release date was changed by Random House from September 23rd to the 20th so that fans could hold midnight release parties for the 12:01am release. They will release an initial 2.5 million copies along with the audio book simultaneously!

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One response to “Inheritance Cycle #3 revealed….

  1. rebekah

    im so excited for this book to come out! i’ve read eragon and eldest at least 6 times each [no lie i actualy did read them 6 times] thanks for the info on the date change ive all ready reserved a copy at my schools library so i can be the first one to read it! i was so scared and excited that some one would get to it first that i reserved it last year lol
    i bet your just as excited is me and my 2 brothers and best friend are. we’ve been waiting a long time for this book and cant wait till we get our hands on it!
    biggest eragon book fan in the USA

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