YA Books and their Adult Audiences

On a recent holiday trip home to see my family my mother picked up one of the YA books I was reading and thought it must belong to my teenage sister. When I explained that no in fact the book was mine she acted astonished and asked why on earth I was reading it? It was a Gossip Girl and I think she looked upon it much like a Harlequin romance. While it may not be classical lit, I think the books are extremely addictive and I have to confess I am almost finished with the series. I also have become hooked on The Gemma Doyle Trilogy and The Pretty Little Liars Series among others.

So I began to wonder if I was alone…our children’s manager Erin is also a dedicated YA reader and my person to go to for discussion on my newest favorites but who else is hooked on Ya books? I found this interesting article but I disagree with it’s categorization of all YA books….since it is talking more about a certain genre of YA. But it was a good laugh and it’s nice to know it is not just me! I think the YA market is exploding with some great works…sometimes more inventive and original than many adult works I see coming through. I find myself being lured in with creative plots and unique characters. And they seem to be climbing the bestsellers list as well! Perhaps when author writes something for young adults there is more freedom…they do not have to worry about the criticism of adult audiences or limit their work by making it age appropriate for children or tweens. Why is YA so hot right now?


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