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Well I have already neglected my blog in the last few days. I had not realized how hard it is to daily add something. I read lots of other people’s blogs on a daily basis and they always have a witty post or some such but it’s really hard to do that especially when you are not so witty per say. Don’t get me wrong I have my moments…just not everyday.

I am very excited because it is almost January!!! Which means…(drum roll please!!!). The new Jane Austen series of productions by Masterpiece Theatre, as a dedicated and slightly obsessed Janeite I cannot wait for them to begin. A few of them are past productions Pride and Prejudice included but most are new. The Pride and Prejudice shown will be the BBC/Colin Firth version….yum!

Here is the link for those who are interested. The schedule is not out yet but you can sign up for book drawings and other information.


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