Can’t Put it Down

Okay I am in charge of processing all of our children’s and young adult books that come to our library which means two things…one I have developed really good upper body strength since taking this job ( I thank Baker & Taylor for my new biceps…without their newly overloaded boxing method I would not be where I am today). And two I have a pile of books I want to read a mile high. How can I check in and process these books without looking through each and everyone and wanting to read 75% of them. The answer: I can’t. But this week my must read title is Breathe My Name by R.A. Nelson. Just reading the book jacket got me…’s about a teenage girl who is trying to live a normal life but her memories of the past haunt her. She once lived with her mother and her sisters in an imaginary world called Fireless. Her mother who seems to be suffering from some severe postpartum depression created this world in her mind and then woke up one morning and smothered all three of her little sisters except for her. Years later she is adopted and dealing with teenage life as best she can when it all comes flooding back with her mother’s release from prison.

I have almost finished it and I started yesterday…would have finished last night except for a monster headache which forced an early bedtime but needless to say it is a great book so far. As I write this I have not yet read the ending but the premise is pretty good just by itself don’t ya think.



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